Bring the jooj experience to your workplace as an employee amenity

Attraction & Differentiation:

Many large corporations, property management companies and country clubs utilize on location perks such as gyms and premium restaurants to help attract customers. Recently, advances in mobile and logistics technology have allowed an upsurge in the type and quality of on location services available. 

JOOJ Blow Dry is a revolutionary platform that brings salon quality services on location. Progressive organizations such as Sterling Bay, Crate & Barrel, Google, Irvine Co, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Qualcomm, Intuit, and Sony are currently using mobile personal care providers to enhance their workplace.


 A 2011 MetLife Benefit survey indicated that for companies of all sizes 1 in 3 employees is a flight risk.  Benefits have been linked very closely with employee loyalty and employees see benefits as an important reason to stay with an employer.  Over 70% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits are loyal to their employer. Convenience benefits such as mobile salons and barbershops are used and valued by 30% of employees between the ages of 20-45.



It is no secret that a happier employee is a more productive one.  50% of women surveyed in January 2015 in Chicago said they would use such a service if provided at the work place.